Howard and Allene Pilcher, founders

Historical Photo (right): Part of a group of 50 Omaha Indians were selected by the Interior Department for a tour of the European Continent as guests of the Republic of France under leadership of John Pilcher (top center), their interpreter. Picture taken in Berlin, Germany 1883.

Historical Photo (top): In 1883, John Pilcher led a Native American Tribe- an Omaha group- representing North American Indians at the Colonial Exposition in Amsterdam.  
Left to Right: White Swan, Inside Man, Cook, Chef Du Bande, Mnigh-Di-Tai, Yellow Smoke (with child), Standing Bear (holding pipe-tomahawk), Cat, Bright Eye, Traveler, Village Maker, Homme Connu, John Pilcher (their leader), an unidentified man, Lunne Dure, Hard Chief, and White Crow.  
Photo taken by Prince Roland Bonaparte as part of a larger collection, 1883.  From the Smithsonian Photo Services. 

Mary, owner, and her three children, Laura, Jeremy and Adam.

 Pilcher's Indian Store

The Pilcher's‚Äč

Howard Pilcher, an artist by trade, designed and crafted leatherwork including billfolds, belts, checkbook covers, and purses from his home in South Sioux City, NE in 1976. He and his wife Allene attended Powwows, selling his custom made items. 

After demand grew for his craftwork, and with the request for additional hard to acquire items, the couple opened their first store in their home, selling these items to the public and the Native Americans on the reservations in the area.

Eventually, the couple acquired an account with Pendleton Blankets and moved their business to Fort Calhoun, NE opening their first store front in 1987. They stayed three years and moved again, this time to Omaha to be closer to their daughter Mary and three grandchildren. 

Today, their daughter Mary owns and operates the business with the help of her three children. Pilcher's continues to support the craftsmanship of Native Americans.